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As your local credit union, we're here to help you with your financial wellbeing by providing you with affordable loans and an easy way to save

 It’s quick and easy to start saving for that car, holiday or rainy day with Unify - manage your money online, on the phone or in one of our branches. You can even have your wages or benefits paid into your account to make it even easier to save. 

Join today or contact us on info@unifycu.org or 01942 245656.

What's involved?

There is no minimum savings requirement and you can open the account with as little as £1.00 (online accounts require a £5 deposit into your account, paid by debit card).  Please note that the maximum you can deposit with Unify in a financial year (1st October to 30th September) is £5,000 and the maximum shareholding is £25,000.00.

Our instant access savings accounts have lots of benefits:

How can I withdraw my savings?

You can transfer savings to your bank account using your online account.  It's easy to set up just visit the registration page





As a member organisation, we encourage members to save regularly with Unify.  Under the rules of membership of Unify Credit Union, we may charge a dormant account fee of £5.00 where accounts have had no member initiated activity within the last 12 months. 

The Credit Union does not wish to penalise those who play an active part in the life of the Credit Union but wants the right to take action where the cost of operating an account exceeds a member’s share balance and where there is no activity.


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If you want to save for a rainy day or a holiday, a Unify account is quick and easy.


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Payroll Deduction

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