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Open your Christmas Saver Acccount

We had lots of positive feedback in 2023 so we’re continuing our Christmas Saver Account for 2024 and encouraging everyone to start their Christmas planning early.

Open a Christmas Saver Account in January 2024 for a chance to win up to £500! Click here to find out more.

The average household spends £642 on Christmas! Trying to squeeze that out of one payday in December is impossible for most of us, but if you put some money away on a regular basis throughout the year it becomes much more manageable.

This isn’t like most savings clubs, there are no hidden charges and we won’t give you vouchers. It’s a safe and simple way to save so you have your money when you need it.

With our Christmas Saver you put aside whatever amount you like, weekly, monthly or whenever you can afford it. We keep that money safe for you, without any charges. Then in November and December you can withdraw a lump sum with no restrictions on how you spend it.

Like all our savings accounts, your money is fully protected by the FCA and covered by our Life Savings Insurance, and it counts towards your annual dividend at the end of the year for being a good saver.

It’s easy to get started. If you’re already a member email us at your local branch.
If you’re new to Unify, sign up as a member first then let us know you want to set up the Christmas Saver.

The sooner you start saving the more you’ll have at Christmas, so let’s start today!


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