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Give your children the best start possible with our First Savers Account

Our First Savers Accounts help you start saving habits with children at a young age - and children benefit from the same interest rates on their savings as adult members!

- First Savers accounts are for children and young people up to the age of 16 years old.

- Deposits can be made into the account by the First Saver, Trustee of the account and other persons such as additional parents/guardians/grandparents or sponsoring school (if applicable).

- Withdrawals from the account may only be made by the named trustee and/or the First Saver. This is until the First Saver reaches the specified age, when they will be responsible for their own account.

To open a First Savers account, just call into one of our branches with the child’s birth certificate or passport. The Trustee of the account is not currently a Unify member, they will also require ID and proof of address.

We also work in partnership with primary and secondary schools to provide a ‘school bank’ - helping young people to get into regular money-saving habits in school through weekly collections, while providing money management education in the classroom.

If your school is interested in finding out more, or you would like to enquire about your child’s school being involved, then contact info@unifycu.org

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