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Unify can help you to save money and we can help with loans when you need it, but we know that sometimes you need clear advice to help manage your money. If you’re struggling to pay your Unify loan please speak to us first and we’ll do what we can to help. Our Credit Control team want to help you work through your difficulties and there are lots we can do to alleviate the stress you are currently under. Give us a call on 01942 835184 or email creditcontrol@unifycu.org We recommend www.moneyhelper.org.uk for simple, impartial, tools and support across all kinds of financial difficulties you may be facing. Some of it is aimed at getting through a crisis and some of it is just about things we can all do in our day to day lives to keep on top of our money. Visit their website for their full range of advice, but here’s a few guides you might find useful: Find free debt advice If you’re worried about debt, you don’t need to struggle alone. Speaking to a trained and experienced debt adviser about your situation can help you see what the best decision for you might be.

Where to go to get free debt advice

Budget Planner We want to help you know exactly where your money is being spent, and how much you’ve got coming in. Knowing where every pound is being spent is a great first step to starting your savings, getting out of debt or preparing for retirement. This Budget Planner can help by giving you: a place to record all your spending, so you won’t forget anything. a breakdown of your finances by category. personalised tips when you’re all finished.

Budget Planner

Money Navigatior Whether your income is down and you’re worried about your future finances, you’ve lost your job or are facing redundancy, or are self-employed and can’t do your job, Money Navigator can help. Find out: what issues you need to deal with first ways of to staying on top of your bills how to find extra support you’re entitled to where to get extra help.

Money Navigator

Savings calculator https://www.moneyhelper.org.uk/en/savings/how-to-save/savings-calculator We love saving at Unify. Sometimes it can be difficult to know how much to save or how long it’ll take. This tool should help with that! It’ll help you: Work out how long it’ll take to save for something, if you know how much you can save regularly. Or if you need something by a certain date, it can tell you how much you need to save regularly. How to keep your savings on track by giving you some helpful tips.

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