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Save for Christmas 2024 and win up to £500!

Thursday 18th Jan, 2024

Rewards and a prize pot for members who open a Christmas Saver account in January


We hope you had a nice Christmas and got 2024 off to a good start. You might think it’s a bit early, but it’s time to start thinking about next Christmas.

In 2022 the average household spent £642 on Christmas, and with rising costs and squeezed budgets it’s becoming harder and harder to squeeze the cost of Christmas out of one or two paydays.

With our Christmas Saver Account you can build up your savings pot for Christmas little by little through the year. We’ll ringfence it from any other savings accounts you have with us and you can make withdrawals in November and December in time for Christmas.

So why start now? We have some cash rewards to top up your savings if you do.

We’re working closely with the Stop Loan Sharks campaign. They’ve confiscated cash from illegal lenders and want to use it to encourage people to start saving so that if hard times come nobody has to turn to an illegal lender who could get them into serious financial issues.

Here’s how it works:
- We have rewards for up to 50 people who open a Christmas Saver Account in January 2024.

- If we see at least three months of regular savings into the account (you can save weekly, or monthly, or whatever suits you) then you get a reward of £15 paid into your Christmas Saver account this May.

- For every member who qualifies for the reward, we’ll add £10 into a prize pot. For a maximum prize of £500.

- Every member who qualifies for the reward will be entered into a draw and one person will win the entire prize pot, paid into your Christmas Saver account.

For more information on our Christmas Saver Account please click here and if you’ve any questions about the rewards please get in touch.


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