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Ince branch: update

Tuesday 15th Jun, 2021

Update regarding our Ince branch

The past year has presented us with many challenges; we closed 
all our branches in March 2020 and, thanks to the amazing efforts of our staff, we were able to continue serving members through online and telephone support. 
We have re-opened our Wigan town centre branch at 21 Crompton Street by appointment only earlier this year. Since opening in 2015 many of our members who live in areas surrounding the town centre, including Ince, have chosen to visit this branch.
For this reason, we have taken the decision not to re-open our Ince branch.  
Our focus is on developing both in-person and online services that can best serve our members – while ensuring we remain financially sustainable for years to come.  
The decision not to re-open our Ince branch means we can focus on serving members from our town centre base, while also investing funds to better serve our members online with 24/7 services.  
If you have any questions about the closure, please contact us: info@unifycu.org 


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