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Meet the team: Angela Fishwick

Tuesday 02nd Mar, 2021

Here, we hear how Chief Executive, Angela Fishwick - who has been a member of the team for twenty years - has found the past year.


Since the pandemic hit, our staff have been working hard to keep Unify Credit Union services running and to support our members during this challenging time to keep control of their money matters with affordable loans and easy ways to save. Here, we hear how Chief Executive, Angela Fishwick - who has been a member of the team for twenty years - has found the past year.


How has your role been affected by the pandemic? My role has not changed but we have lost a key member of our management team due to Covid which was a real loss for us personally and professionally. Peter is sorely missed.

How has Unify adapted to support members during this time? 

When lockdown hit, we needed to ensure that members could still access our services whilst our branches were closed. We already had a members’ area on our website which has been heavily promoted to members during lockdown as members are able to open accounts, apply for loans, make repayments, request withdrawals and check balances online.

The biggest difficulty we had was how we could help those members who do not have access to the internet or are not used to using online services. Our staff have worked patiently and tirelessly with those members to develop their skills to enable them to use the online facility and lots of members now say they prefer this as they can do everything from the comfort of their armchair. 

Some of our members are extremely vulnerable and do not have access to banking services and have had difficulty managing their prepaid card. We worked in partnership with Cash perks to give members the ability to withdraw cash from an ATM machine without having a debit card. This has proved very helpful. 


Have you learned anything about members, the Unify team or yourself during this challenging time? That our members are fantastic and have adapted to all the changes we have put in place and been extremely supportive of our staff.


What advice would you give to members to manage their money in 2021?  To avoid high cost credit and put a budget in place to manage your spending.

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