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Big Tips for Black Friday

Tuesday 10th Nov, 2020

Make sure you get a good deal by reading our Black Friday tips:


Black Friday - the big discount day in the online shopping calendar- returns on the 27th November.

Make sure you get a good deal by reading our Black Friday tips: 


1. Research the products you want beforehand 

 Is it really a bargain, if the cut-price product you have bought is no good? Do some research about products you’ve got your eye on. There is an increase of fake online reviews, too - so do some research, ask trusted friends and visit trusted websites if you’re making a costly new purchase to make sure it is really a good deal. 

We all get drawn into impulse buying when we don’t want to miss out on a good deal- but making a list of what you need beforehand will make sure you keep those unnecessary purchases that we often regret to a minimum. 


 2. Be wary of unusual brands.

Samsung and LG are known for their TVs, but what about Polaroid and Blaupunkt? 

Not hearing of a brand doesn’t necessarily mean it is no good, but make sure you follow step one- and do your research first!


3. Earn as you spend as you shop online

Cashback sites Quidco and Topcashback both offer deals at more than 4,000 retailers - and it's free to sign up.


4. Look at the price, not the 'saving' 

Don't assume a deal is worth it just because it claims to offer a massive discount - which are often exaggerated. Again, research makes all the difference!  


5. Check the returns policy

We’ve all bought products in an online shopping frenzy and then either decided it wasn’t right, or fit for purpose.

It is not a requirement by law for stores to accept returns of non-faulty goods- though many do. Best to check before you make that big purchase! 

As more of us than ever are expected to shop online, our final piece of advice is: please don’t leave yourself in costly debt or in a difficult financial situation because of Black Friday!


Speak to us about our ethical and affordable loans, including our Family Loan - which uses your Child Benefit payments to repay it. 

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