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Grab a brew and save yourself some cash!

Thursday 12th Apr, 2018

With National Tea Day around the corner, why not celebrate in style? See how much you could save in the time it takes to drink a brew...

Everyone loves a nice cup of tea, don't they? Well, 'some people' claim they don't like holidays, chocolate, ice cream or strawberries either so you can't trust everyone.

To celebrate National Tea Day on Saturday, April 21, we have put together three quick tips (PG or otherwise depending on your own personal taste) to save pounds in just the amount of time it takes to drink a cuppa. So brew up and read on…

Go compare (other websites are available!)

Never take the first price for anything. With all the information available at your fingertips, there is no excuse for not getting the best price for anything from household goods to energy suppliers. Once the vital details are inputted, online comparison sites do all the hard work of scanning hundreds of options in less time than it take to finish your tea. Sit back and await the satisfaction of knowing you have saved yourself money without moving from the sofa.

Switch accounts

While you are in the mood for change, consider what your bank account is doing for you. Of course you already have your Unify Credit Union account, but if you have never switched your bank – and it is estimated only one in 20 has switched their bank account in the last two years – now is the time to check you are fully happy with the services you are receiving. Do your research online and with 'seven-day switching' it should be relatively painless.


As the sites work their magic, my mind tends to wander onto dinner. This often results in sipping tea and scanning the kitchen cupboards for inspiration. Although there is probably all the ingredients for half a dozen meals I will probably decided I need to pop to the shops for something, and while I am there pick up half a trolley of unnecessary stuff. The answer is to meal plan. Sit down with your cuppa and map out the week's food. And only buy the food that is required. No more money wasted and extra veg going off and getting thrown onto the compost heap.

And when you have finished your cuppa, chuck the used teabags on the compost heap too. They make lovely potting soil when they have decomposed – saving you even more money!

If you put the money into your Unify Credit Union saving account for a rainy day, you will soon have enough for an endless heap of teabags. Heaven!

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