Saver Loan

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These loans are only available to existing members of Unify Credit Union who have a savings history with Unify Credit Union.  If you do not have a savings account with Unify please visit our Smart Loan page.

To qualify for a Saver Loan you need to save regularly with Unify for a three month period.  Once you have established a savings history you are eligible to apply for a loan based on your savings history and current savings balance.  

It's always useful to have an idea of how much you will repay in total when taking out a loan.  Here you can see how we work this out for you.  Although the APR may appear higher than quoted by other lenders, our interest is charged on the reducing balance, so you end up paying less.  Have a look at the figures and you'll see it's a much better option than going elsewhere.

loan agreement


£1000.00 £22.45 x 50 £1122.07
£3000.00 £24.40 x 150 £3850.72

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