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Proposed Rule Changes for AGM

Monday 13th January, 2014

 There will be a proposal to amend the current rule book in the following manner at the Annual General Meeting being held on 28th January 2014 at Abram Community Centre at 7pm.

 Current Rule 81:

At least 14 and not more than 30 days before the date of a general meeting, the Secretary shall send notice in writing of the date, time and pace of the meeting to each Member. In addition to the above,  the Board may also give notice of any meeting by posting notice in a conspicuous place in a place of business of the Credit Union to which members have access, including any electronic correspondence or website  operated by the Credit Union at least 14 days prior to the meeting. Notice in writing shall be sent to the auditor and the Association.


Proposed new rule.

Members will be notified by the posting of a notice outlining the date, time and place of the meeting on the Credit Union website and by posters in the normal working offices of the Credit Union. These notices will posted at least 14 and not more than 30 days before the date of the meeting of Members. Written notice shall be sent to the auditor.


This makes rule 82 redundant so the proposal is to remove it.


It is also proposed to remove the following;


·         Rules 54, 66, 123(j) and 124 as they are no longer applicable.

·         Rules 126, 127 ad 128 with relate to a credit committee.

·         Rules 162 and 163 which relate to membership of ABCUL.


Instead of renumbering all the rule book it is proposed that the text is removed and we show “Rule rescinded at AGM for 2012/13” This is in line with PRA guidance for rule books.





Annual General Meeting

Monday 6th January, 2014

Unify will be holding the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 28th January 2014 at Abram Community Centre, Abram, Wigan at 7pm.  All members are encouraged to attend. 

During the evening Reports will be presented to members together with the annual accounts and the annual dividend will be agreed.  Any rule changes will also be brought to the attention of the membership.

Refreshments will be provided and our Annual Quiz will be held.

Anyone interested in standing for election to Board of Directors should send a CV with covering letter to Angela Fishwick, Unify Credit Union Limited, 13 Smithy Green, Ince, Wigan WN2 2AT.  Please ensure you quote your membership number as only members can serve on the Board. 


Christmas and New Year Opening Times

Tuesday 24th December, 2013

Christmas Day CLOSED

Boxing Day CLOSED

27th December - Ince, Leigh and Chorley open from 10am to 1pm

28th December CLOSED

30th December - Ince, Leigh and Chorley open from 10am to 1pm

31st December - Ince, Leigh and Chorley open from 10am to 1pm

New Years Day - CLOSED

2nd January normal opening times.

For details of the Life Centre opening times, please visit

May we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Skelmersdale Launch on 23rd August 2013

Wednesday 21st August, 2013

SWLICAN have joined forces with Unify Credit Union to open a mini branch at Digmoor Community Centre to help local people, who are struggling to make ends meet, an alternative to turning to loan sharks and payday loan companies.

The Launch will take place on Friday 23rd August from 10am to 12 noon at Digmoor Community Centre.

Angela Fishwick, General Manager of Unify, said: “We would like to invite people to call in and have a chat to see how we can help, whether it’s support with managing their finances or if they have money that they want to save.”

Credit Unions aim to change the way people deal with their finances by encouraging people to save and, as a reward for saving, providing low cost loans and free life insurance.    Loans cost from just 1% per month on the reducing balance, meaning that a Saver loan for £1000 repaid over 1 year would cost no more than £65 in interest.  At the end of the year, Unify shares its profits with members by way of dividend which has been between 1.5% and 3% over the last five years. 

Credit Unions are authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and money saved in a credit union is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme under the same terms as money deposited in a bank or building society.

For more information contact Unify on 01942 701706 or visit the website

Annual General Meeting 2013

Wednesday 30th January, 2013

Unify Credit Union will be holding it\'s Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 19th February 2013 at Abram Community Centre, Vicarage Road Abram.  The meeting will commence at 7pm and ALL members are invited to attend.

The Board of Directors will present the Financial Accounts to the membership and recommend the dividend.  

Board elections will also take place and if you are interested in influencing the development of your credit union, please contact the office on 01942 701706 for a nomination form.

New directors are always welcome and full training will be provided.

After the meeting refreshments and food will be available and we will hold our Annual Quiz.

Please come along to the Annual General Meeting - remember it is your credit union and it is important that you get involved.

Text for your balance

Wednesday 24th October, 2012

 With immediate effect members can get their Unify account balances direct to their mobile phone.

Provided that you have registered your mobile phone number with Unify, you can text the word UNIFY to 80011 and get a text message straight back to your mobile with your balances.

Text messages are charged at your usual message rate.  There is no charge for the return message to you with the balances.

Members have responded very positively to this new development as it saves them money and time.

The service is available 24 hours a day.