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life insurance

Unify Credit Union insurance members' savings and loan, at no direct cost to the member, via Cuna Mutual Group. 

This means that, at your death, your beneficiary will receive your savings together with any insurance benefit and your loan could be paid off too (conditions apply).

Cuna Mutual Group has been operating in the UK since 1979 providing insurance and financial services to credit unions and their members.  Their unique position allows them to provide cover whilst keeping the money in the credit union movement.

As an adult member of Unify you are automatically enrolled onto this scheme and provide your next of kin details at the time of joining.  Please remember to upate the beneficiary should your circumstances change.

Over the years, many of our member's families have benefited from this product and have been surprised at the efficiency of the service and the speed of payments.

Life Savings Insurance

In the event of a member's death, a claim will be submitted based on the value of the member's savings. The member's beneficiary, nominated when they join Unify, will receive both the member's savings and a sum from the insurance.

Loan Protection Insurance

Unify Credit Union provides members with FREE loan protection on their loans, through CUNA Mutual, the Credit Union's own insurance company. In the event of a member's death a claim will be submitted based on the value of the member's loan. Please ask for further details.

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