Prepaid Card

Young Savers

"Getting into a savings habit at an early age reaps benefits for young people in a number of ways; they learn the benefits of budgeting and managing their money and start to build up the personal capital which is so important for when they leave school and enter into work or higher education. By saving in a credit union, they're also benefiting from the education and information which credit unions provide."

FIRST SAVERS is a savings club for children and young people up to 16 years of age. By saving regularly, young people are able to gain experience managing their own finances and developing their knowledge and skills in financial capability, teamwork, community, enterprise skills and participative learning.

Unify works in partnership with 20 local primary schools to provide a school ‘bank’ where pupils can save through school.

Many local primary schools across the borough also allow members to pay in at their school collection.

Please telephone for further details 01942 701706